Dear users, we are changing the roadmap and we intend to present the Zagros token at the same time as the initial supply of Zagros; the white paper of the token is over. The next steps will be announced

What is Zagros money?

It is one of the newest payment systems of Fiat (electronic money) that users can easily use in travel and leisure trips, daily sales, online shopping from reputable stores and even in case of international use of this secure platform and questions. This currency has a wide range of services and the same range of diverse and quality services has made it as an electronic bank. To access the services of this bank, you can access it at any time or place through mobile applications, websites, payment gateways, etc. Terms of purchase and reward. Currently, you can buy Zagros money in dollars and euros through various portals. The dollar and euro sales of this currency are limited and only 10 million units of each can be purchased. Our plan for providing the currency we have is that by paying us $ 10 we will receive a reward of $ 100 and 10 rubles and 5 torals. These conditions are the same for the two existing currencies. Of course, anyone can receive a gift from us by inviting their friends. In this way, you will receive $ 1 for each invitation. Online stores and service websites. Also, if online stores are registered in our company and support our electronic money in their payment gateways, we will consider special conditions for them, so that in the first step, they will receive a gift of $ 1,000 and 1 year of free transaction to the company. Services and promotions will receive a $ 500 gift. Loan payments and deposits. In line with the programs we have in our company, we provide a safe and reliable environment for users so that they can easily get a loan from our company. We provide other services and support in the form of monthly interest, sales terminals and credit cards. Therefore, the more your users support our company, the faster and more extensive our services will be. What is the Zagros Money unit? In our services, we offer a new currency unit called (Tural), each unit of which (1 Tural) is equal to one dollar. Each tour is 100 units. The name of the small unit is the tour, which is equal to 1 tour for every 100 tours.